System Migration

We will take the lead when deploying a new computer infrastructure, website or software applications. This should never be problematic or stressful for you. Yes there may be unforeseen issues like down-time, staff retraining and compatibility issues. We will not allow this to be a costly experience because we understand what schools require. We have the previous experience of being a Working Educational Establishment and understand the importance of protecting data and also understand the need for some staff to be re-trained. We will always ensure that anything you purchase to improve your resources will not only be compatible but financially viable. Our primary aim is to support schools and educational establishments. We will offer specialist advice on purchases, no matter how big or small and also guidance on new systems or technical equipment for classroom & admin support. It has to fit your purpose and be operational and cost effective. 

We offer a consultation, audit and health check of your existing IT system and can advise and support office moves and logistical planning, working with you to achieve a smooth transition. We work continually throughout the year, no close downs, no term breaks. We are used to working with your facilities management regarding access, procurement expertise delivery schedules, to enable full work in progress. Project management from start to finish.

Upon successful completion, we ensure that all your management, administration and teaching tools are all where they should be. We will then continue to support any further needs for training, IT management and continued support with the minimum disruption to your organisation.