Online Safety


Online Safety is a Statutory Requirement

Our resident CEOP Ambassador Angela Poplar will provide up to date sessions for online safety & child protection. Supporting your statutory obligations with training and advice. Our ES packs include training for parents, teachers and governors. Workshops that include drop in your device advice for parents has also been very successful and much appreciated by all those who attended. Inset or School Assemblies can be an ideal training platform.

Education and training are KEY to ensuring that children and young people stay safe online. Social Media is high on the list and with ever changing trends: children need to understand the importance of their digital foot print. The impact of cyber bullying, gaming. Sexting and the legal implications of posting inappropriate images online and impact on families as a whole. With consistent training and support these trends can be reduced.

Family involvement is a vital component. We will support and deliver sessions that will encompass your schools’ policies and will include updated information and latest trends.

For full details on how we can support or discuss any immediate concerns contact: