April 7, 2020

Meet the team

During this time we are working in the background, remotely providing access for School Hubs and Support for Home Working Teaching Staff.


Angela Poplar – Computer Science Lead Teacher/Trainer CEOP Ambassador
Angela joined the CLC as the centre manager back in 2005. Angela has supported Primary and Secondary Schools working with ICT for all Key Stages offering curriculum support and lesson plans on how to use the latest technology and resources in and out of the classroom. Angela is available to provide cross curricular support for all Key Stage Leaners and Teachers.Angela is also CEOP trained and  continues to support Online Safety,ensuring that Child Protection is paramount, by advising Parents, Teachers & Governors. Angela continues to work closely within the London Borough of Enfield  NQT  CPDtraining programme.
✉ angela@centralenfieldclc.org.uk
📞 020 8132 0453

Chris Chrysanthou – Technical Manager
Chris has been working and supporting schools since joining the CLC back in 2005. His expertise and ongoing professional development has allowed Chris to constantly improve his highly technical skills and keep updated with the advancements in technology. With over 15 years experience of working within the IT sector, Chris has the expertise knowledge and ability to provide solutions and resolve all technical problem.
✉ chris@centralenfieldclc.org.uk
📞 07572 151 441        

Debra Cann – Business Manager
Debra has been working with schools for over 12 years,   providing a high level of customer service and support for the whole team. With her business acumen and financial background you can be assured that her main focus and commitment is to provide cost effective support for education.
✉ debra@centralenfieldclc.org.uk
📞 020 8132 0453

Jordan Jones – Technical Support Officer
Jordan joined the CLC in 2013 with previous experience of working as an IT Technician within an Enfield Secondary School. He is very committed in working as part of this unique team he understands what is most important for teachers and students and what can be done to drive the school’s ICT forward.
✉ jordan@centralenfieldclc.org.uk
📞 07976 550 146

Daniel Warner – Technical Support Officer
Daniel has been with the CLC since early 2018 and has bought with him almost a decades worth of school’s IT experience. He has been supporting primary schools with IT since 2010 and has acquired considerable expertise providing support for primary school’s.
✉ daniel@centralenfieldclc.org.uk
📞 07976 886 285

The CLC team are fully qualified, vetted and DBS certified. Employed by The London Borough of Enfield Schools Improvement and Early Years’ Service and fully conversant with DfES, GDPR, Child Protection and Health & Safety legislation and undertake regular training which includes a high emphasis on Child Protection.

Our combined expertise within our respective fields, you can be assured that our service delivery is an will be to the  highest standard, with repeat and new customers year on year our passion is testament to our 97% SLA retainment.