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ICT Coordinators Meeting  UPDATE: Thursday 20th June
Thank you to all attendees. Many thanks to Karen Jones and Sally Taylor @ St Andrews Primary School for provding the venue and hospitality.

Notes from meeting:

  • The contact at the council for GDPR training and support contact  ICT Capital and Secuirty Consultant
    Tel: 020 8379 2504  Mobile: 07976 271559
  • LGFL training support for the curriculum –
    Bradley Dardis –
  • Anne Gregoriou at DeBohun shared an exciting project with VEX IQ robotics that she has been working on. Anne has led a number of G&T students into competitions with other schools ( all secondary) out of borough.  The students design a robot to the specification of the competition to complete certain tasks and the children program their robots to complete these tasks using a drag and drop programming language.  We are keen to get a competition going in Enfield using these robots. The Robots cost about £200 each. We shall revisit this idea and hopefully see the robots in action at our next meeting.
  • Fateh Singh from Bush Hill Park Microsoft 365.   Fateh talked us through his experience of moving the school over to Microsoft Office 365. Office licence are free to schools.  Bush Hill Park is the only school in Enfield and one of 50 schools in London working with LGFL to pilot the cloud services and free services Microsoft is offering via LGFL
  1. My update –

Rocket Fund –

Savings from LGFL

Creative cloud provides 30 free licences for primary schools.  This means schools can access adobe suite  via their LGFL subscription.  You need to raise a case for these services to be activated.

Busy things on LGFL has had a update

J2E now has a whiteboard app and KS blast tests

Science experiments are great!

Future meetings…..

We had a discussion about bringing our plans along to the next meeting to have a discussion about progression and expectations at the end of Key 1 & 2 for each NC topic – Computing /IT/Digital literacy.  As a collective number of schools it might be useful to come up with an expected skills set for computing.

We also talked about getting a Microsoft representative along to the next meeting.   If you have any other ideas of agenda items for future meetings please let me know

Wishing you all a restful summer holiday when it arrives!  Looking forward to seeing you all in the new school year

Our next  ICT Coordinators Meeting. October 2019
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CLC Education and Technology Roadshow Event: UPDATE 
Date: Monday 1st July 2019
Special thanks to Steve @InVentry Ashley @Clevertouch  Bradley @LGfL and of course @ Dugdale for the venue. Thank you to all that attended. Bookings currently being arranged for further demonstrations and equipment trials.


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