“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.”….

Professional Development Staff Training Specialists

Our specialist approach to ICT, with ever changing technology and student access at home and school, we can provide you with relevant updates, new learning tools and resources to encompass a high level of classroom engagement for all key stages. Expert advice and support for existing IT hardware with effective use of mobile technology in the classroom. How to develop skills to promote new ways of teaching and learning. We will provide basic or complex training tailored for your educational environment.

We can provide schools with a wide range of training: 

Whole School INSET: Our INSETs offer a balance of disseminating new ideas/skills and asking teachers to put them into action if possible. We can tailor any session to meet with your school’s needs.  Ensuring we meet your desired outcomes for the session.

Small group sessions:We can work with a small group of staff on a particular area of computing to build confidence and skills. This is sometimes office staff or TAs or a group of teachers.

One to one:We can tailor of sessions to offer them as a one to one training session if required.


Tailored training delivery & engagement Pick & Mix Options

  • Creating a digital learning platform
  • Effective use of mobile devices to support learning
  • Computing science coding and programming
  • Stop motion animation linked to a topic
  • Creating digital movies & editing to retell a topic or serious issue
  • Raising attainment in maths using scratch
  • Electronics using crumbles in the classroom
  • Google Classroom & Google Apps for Education
  • Apple Teacher
  • Computational Thinking
  • Nurturing teaching assistants to engage successfully with technologies to support learning
  • Interactive Touch Screens and benefits for efficient teaching and learning engagement
  • Exploring LGFL resources subscribed too, but not utilised.
  • office 365, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Publisher
  • Enhancing education using your handheld devices.
  • Multimedia software
  • Online safety training and workshops
  • Using Macs & iPads for beginners/intermediate/advance users

Email: angela@centralenfieldclc.org.uk

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