Computing Support

Avoid being locked into a long term service contract – we can offer a range of service levels on a yearly contract with roll over allowance. We can also offer a Pay As You Go option. Our service package offers a unique range of service options suitable for all schools/educational establishments. With our team of highly motivated and committed technicians, we are able to offer 24 hour call back response, remote access and back up solutions.

Remote Network Monitoring
Our pre-approved authorisation monitoring enables 24/7 support within your infrastructure. We monitor all your critical network elements, including security, hardware, backups, critical updates, Windows services, network stability and disk space.

Automatically included in your support package

  • Scheduled maintenance visits
  • Emergency Call Outs
  • Management of hardware and software
  • Equipment Loans
  • A back-up and restoration service
  • Virus health check
  • Data recovery

IT Expansion projects advice and guidance
Impartial advice supporting your educational needs. Procurement Support, best price, installations fully supported, data transfer. We have no direct associated links to products or suppliers, ensuring impartial best value and fit for purpose equipment.

Optional Extras Available to Purchase 

  • Website design and implementation
  • Website subscription service
  • Database design and build
  • New Installations
  • Digital signage
  • iPad VPP Configurations
  • Provision of specialist sub-contractors

Our technicians will visit on your selected day(s) weekly, fortnightly or monthly managing your technology and conducting general system checks and maintenance, covering all technical log requirements. We have years of experience working with teachers and want you to achieve maximum impact on your student’s learning and studying environment. 

Our team managers are responsible for ensuring all our staff  deliver an excellent standard of service and that they are up to date with the latest technologies and training and always on hand to offer advice and immediate solutions.

Although we are an independent service, our staff are employees of the London Borough of Enfield. This alone ensures that our technicians are fully vetted, experienced and up to date with MIS systems that are constantly used in schools and understand the importance of Data Protection and Freedom of Information. We also have a vast range of experience working with major technology companies including Apple, Microsoft, RM, Capita and Scholarpack. With this we have the added advantage of supporting your data requirements and future updates and changes.

Technical Call Out Service
If we are unable to resolve an issue by telephone or remotely, we will ensure that a Technician is onsite as a matter or urgency to provide the level of support you deserve. We will endeavour to place a technician on site within 1 hour.