About Us

Central Enfield CLC has been working closely with Primary and Secondary Schools since 2005 supporting ICT within the curriculum, including teacher training covering a wide range of subjects. Due to the ICT Curriculum changes and advancement of the subject, the core element of Computing Science has now been transferred to the Schools Improvement Service, allowing for this specialist subject to be fully supported with teacher training in all areas.

We were asked by our schools to offer an IT Technical Support Service, which we launched in 2010. We fully understand the importance and what is required to support schools and educational organisations. Our highly qualified and enhanced DBS team of IT Technicians are highly experienced engineers, who will work with you by providing a service that you can understand with no hidden surprises, without the need of technical jargon allowing for transparent communication.

Your IT support needs are at the forefront of importance. We will deliver a cost effective and reliable service, that will be ongoing. We understand the importance of prioritising jobs, relieving pressures to all staff whatever their level of technical expertise. Our support is not only effective but a testament to our commitment to be the best by supporting schools to raise attainment in all key stages. Offering our services a high level of IT support and knowledge, not forgetting impartial procurement advice, we know the importance of value for money. We will set up and make improvements to your infrastructure to enable your users to be empowered and confident to use your technology with exceptional results. This enables your school/organisation to consistently work with an IT infrastructure that is reliable.

Our staff are much more than technicians. We want to make sure your ICT is having the maximum impact on learning, so our technical helpdesk and specialists are also on hand to ensure your school’s technology works better for less.

Because our schools are our priority and at the heart of everything we do, we always put your needs first. We’ll take care of all your ICT, so that your teachers can get on with teaching and your children can get on with learning.

Our Service is available to purchase independently or online via The Schools Portal Traded Services Section available on The London Borough of Enfield Official Website www.enfield.gov.uk

Please call 020 8379 3380 or email info@centralenfieldclc.org.uk